Tips to help make your design a success:

Start early. We realize that military schedules are fluid and subject to change. Getting an early start will help build unity for your organization and help increase sales.

Clean artwork. We have created patches from hand-drawn artwork on a piece of paper. However, the possibility of the design not coming out as you had imagined is greatly increased.

Limit the amount of colors/detail. Graphic artwork that has more color and detail does not always translate well to thread.

For any patch that may be a limited run, (deployment patches specifically) consider including the date/location of the event when possible. For military units that are deploying with another unit, it would be a good idea to include their unit name as well. This will help translate to additional sales.

If color matching is needed, please mail a sample of the color. If we are reproducing a current patch, it is best if you mail the patch.

Please keep in mind, non-public domain characters (i.e. cartoon characters) and logos are very popular. However, if the design you wish to use is copyrighted we will need permission from the copyright holder in writing in order for us to produce your design.

Copyright approval is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Care for your embroidered products: